This Mandala describes my feelings about the rainy season….. I love rainy season.That’s why I have decided to draw this Mandala with some cute rainy cloud’s🌧️. This Mandala is so simple and easy. I love drawing simple Paintings ❀️.

Pen I used in this Mandala is Luxor Fine Writer Pen. These pens are comes in set of ten vibrant ink colour’s. These pens art best for mandala.

Here’s the link to buy this pen from Amazon.

Luxor Finewriter Assorted color (Pack of 10 Pen)

58 thoughts on “MANDALA ART!

  1. Hi there! I make mandalas all the time… I love it so much! I love your too it’s classy and amazing! I was wondering if you would check out my latest post on my blog. It was a little thing I was starting and I would loveee if you join in!

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    1. Hello!!πŸ€—
      Glad to know that you love making mandalas too!❀️ and I am so happy that you find it classy and amazing. Yes, I have checked out your blog and I love your blog and your custard biscuit recipe too!πŸ™‚

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