Hey everyone!! So today’s painting is very special for me because this is my first painting with watercolors , you don’t need too much supplies for making this painting you just need a water colour and a brush which comes along with this watercolor pack. I have used Camlin Artist Water Colour which comes inContinue reading “FLORAL WATER COLOUR PAINTING!!”


Hey everyone!! Today I am back with a black pen mandala post, this mandala is bigger then the older one. This is my second mandala with white gel pens. In this mandala I have used white gel pens and white acrylic colour both. So let’s start with our first step. Steps:- 1:- First you haveContinue reading “WHITE PEN MANDALA ON BLACK PAPER!! #2”


Hello everyone!! Today I try to make a cute yet easy painting by using acrylic colours. So let’s get started!! Step 1:- First you have to cover the background with light blue and white colour using flat brush no.12. Step 2:- let it dry the background first then start making grass by using dark greenContinue reading “DAISY FLOWER GARDEN PAINTING!!”

2 Easy Front Page Designs For Project!

So let’s start with our first design!! 1} Floral Design This floral design looks so beautiful and very easy. Product I have used in this design:-1. Brush Pen/ Highlighters2. Colour Pens3. A4 Sheet4. Scale5. White Pen 2} Doddling Design This design is based on Doddling which looks so cute 🥰. Product I have used inContinue reading “2 Easy Front Page Designs For Project!”

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