Acrylic Painting On Dry Leaf!

Hello everyone hope you all are doing good..So today’s post is very special it’s not the regular one, this is unique and a way beautiful..

For this acrylic painting you don’t need a paper or a canvas you just need a dry leaf.. This is not that easy to paint on it because of the uneven surface of the leaf.

Let’s start with our first step..

Step 1: First you have to apply White acrylic color or gesso to the base.

Step 2: Let it dry the base first.

Step 3: Then start adding colors of your choice, for making the sky. I have used blue+ white and violet. Be gentle while blending the colors. Use a flat brush.

Step 4: Use Sap green color at the bottom of the leave to show grasses Make grasses using a fine tip round brush.

Step 5: Then make flowers using yellow acrylic color.

Step 6: Add some clouds in the sky using white acrylic colors, use a fine tip round brush.

Step 7: Then the last step is to apply varnish.

Difficulty : Difficult


. Acrylic color.

. Brush

. Leaf

. Varnish

That’s all for today.

Published by Shristy Singh

I Just Love "Adding Creativity Through Brush" For Me Art Is Not Paint It Is Love...

62 thoughts on “Acrylic Painting On Dry Leaf!

  1. Yes Shristy, It’s unique and different.

    1. Tools

    1.1 The leaf is strong enough to draw using acrylic colours on it.

    It’s shape and size also matters. Shape should be ideal.

    It case, it’s bent toward a particular side it would be difficult to draw.

    1.2 I’m not an artist. But recently I’m taking interest in understanding drawing tools.

    Acrylic colours are popular. Maybe because they’re easy to use and impactful, compare to other colours.

    In this art, you have used acrylic colours according to your need.

    1.3 Again, I’m new to understanding the use of each brush.

    — use flat brush for proper blending
    — use fine tip round brush to draw grasses
    — use fine tip round brush to draw clouds, too
    — use varnish at the end

    2. Drawing process

    First, you started with white acrylic (gesso) colour.

    After painting the leaf with the white, you have drawn a proper picture – blue to draw sky, then violet, and pink at the bottom.

    Yellow and green are used to draw flowers and grasses respectively. And a little bit of red.

    Final Words

    This comment is getting longer than your post. 😜

    But I like revising important details.

    It’s an interesting post. Best wishes.

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    1. Hmmmm..
      Thanks for completing my steps..Lokesh.😁
      Your are not a beginner you are an artist… Because you know that much about colours and acrylic paintings.

      And ya,.. thanks for your compliment..🙂

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  2. I really like this idea! The only thing I would do different is trying to incorporate the natural color of the leaf into the design for an organic feeling. Maybe experiment with inks or henna dyes. It would depend on how durable an artist chooses to make it. Something that can be returned to nature after some time has passed, or something that is persevered with shellac or other long-lasting coating. I always enjoy what you share, Thank you!

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