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Acrylic Painting On Canvas!

Hey everyone! Hope you all are doing good. I know it’s been so long time that I have not posted any painting..on WordPress.. Sorry for that.. And I will try my best to post new paintings regularly..

About This Painting..

This painting is not a regular one because in this painting I have to focus on both lighter and darker shade and the reflection of sky in water… This is not that complex but we have to keep one in our mind that where we have to use lighter and darker shades.. I have mixed two and more colours together to get a perfect reflection of sky, mountain and green trees in water..

So let’s start with our first step..

Step 1- Firstly we focus on sky

(a) We need a canvas of size 5×7inch . Then start painting with light yellow, mustard yellow and some orange colour on the top of the canvas and then using a flat brush blend all the three colours together..

(b) For making clouds we have to use lighter and darker shades of blue.. using a round tip brush make clouds randomly as you want..

Step 2- Moving on to the lower section of the canvas..

(a) when the sky is completely dreid than start making small tress.. using dark green colour.

(b) I have made the tress and the mountains in three parts with the help of a round tip brush..

(c) Make a gap in the middle section of the canvas for making the river water..

Step 3- Making the reflection of sky in water.

(a) for making the small part of the river I have used light yellow and white colour.

(b) for making the bigger part of the river I have used light blue, yellow, white and some green colour.. blend all these colours together..with a flat brush.. add some grasses.

Step 4- Finally making the dry tress on both side.. using dark brown colour with a round tip brush.

I have applied a cote of varnish after completing the steps.. its optional..

Tips –

1. I have applied gesso on the canvas before painting so it is easier for me to blend colours.. if you don’t have gesso you can use white acrylic colour too..

2. Use a flat brush for blending the colours.

3. Use a round tip brush for making the tress and the mountains.

Supplies –

1. Acrylic Colour

2. Canvas (size 5×7inch)

3. Flat brush and round brush.

4. Varnish

That’s all for today..

Stay Safe And Stay Healthy…


Published by Shristy Singh

I Just Love "Adding Creativity Through Brush" For Me Art Is Not Paint It Is Love...

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