City Scape With Acrylic Colours!

Hello everyone! So it’s been so long time that I have not made any city scape..I love making city scapes using acrylic colours..So let’s start with our first step…


Step 1: Make a rough sketch of buildings, houses,clouds, plants and whatever you want to make..

Step 2: Then give some details to your painting make windows, doors and bricks..

Step 3: After your sketching is done than start filling colours of your choices..

Step 4: Use light and dark shades both, for making shadows.. So it will give you a little bit realistic and 3D look to your painting..

U can also use white gell pens for making details..


Tip 1: Use a fine tip brush for making fine details.

Tip 2: Use different- different shades of colours..

Difficulty: Medium


. A3 sized paper (160 gsm)

. Acrylic Colours

. Round Brushes (no.0,1,3)

. Pencil ( for making a rough sketch)

. White Gell Pens( optional)

That’s all for today..

Hope you like this City Scape…

Published by Shristy Singh

I Just Love "Adding Creativity Through Brush" For Me Art Is Not Paint It Is Love...

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