Easy Florals With Gouache Colours!

Hello everyone hope you all are doing good.. Today I am going to share an easy painting using Gouache Colours.. Trust me these florals are very easy to make it, and it looks so pretty and fresh..if you’re interested then give it a try..I must say that if you try this floral painting it will make your day beautiful and fresh…

If you don’t have Gouache colours..you can also use acrylic colours..

What is so special about Gouache Colours?

Gouache colours are Highly pigmented and it dreis very quickly..It is easy to use Gouache colours on dark shaded paper too..like black paper..and also it blends easily..

Let’s start with our first step..

Step 1: You can make a rough sketch of flowers and leaves with pencil if you’re not comfortable to make flowers directly with Colours. (I have made flowers and leaves directly using a fine tip paint brush.)

Step 2: Then start filling colours of your choice.

Step 3: Give some details to your painting so it will look more beautiful..And your painting is done..

Difficulty: very easy


1. Use a fine tip brush for making flowers, leaves and stem.

2: Use different- different shades of colours.


. Pencil

. Gouache colours

Shades I have used: Green ,Pink, White, Red, Yellow, Pink..

. Paper (gsm 120)

. Round paint brush. No.( 0,1,2)

That’s it for today…

Stay Safe And Stay Healthy❤️

Published by Shristy Singh

I Just Love "Adding Creativity Through Brush" For Me Art Is Not Paint It Is Love...

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