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Hey everyone! So again I am back with a creative post which is ‘Lippan Art’. This is my second Lippan art..

I have received so many comments in my previous Lippan art post..that make more such posts…so I decided to try this again..

Let’s start with our first step..

1) First you need a canvas or a mdf base. I have used handmade canvas..

2) Then you have to paint your canvas with white colour, so you can easily blend the colours.

I have used white gesso for the base you can also use white acrylic colour.

3) Then paint it with your choice of colours..blend the colours from the centre of the canvas.

I have used black and grey colour.

4) Let your canvas dry..and then start making patterns of your choice, using a pencil..

5) Make final patterns by using clay. And stick the clay with glue.

6) Let your clay dry for atleast 1day….

7) If you want you can also paint the patterns which we have made from clay with white colour for a bright look.


1) Shilpkar Clay: I have used fevicryl clay. And you have to mix resin base and hardener equally. Mix a small portion of clay at a time because it dry’s very quickly.

2) Acrylic Colours: White, black and grey ( mix white and black colour together to make grey colour).

4) Brushes: Flat brush no. 12 or 8 (for blending) And a round brush no.0 or 2 ( for painting the clay with white colour).

5) Canvas: Round canvas.

6) Pencil and Compass.

7) Mirror’s: You can use your choice of shapes. I have used different shapes of mirrors.

8) Glue.

Difficulty: Medium

Hope you like this painting..That’s all for today…


Published by Shristy Singh

I Just Love "Adding Creativity Through Brush" For Me Art Is Not Paint It Is Love...

73 thoughts on “LIPPAN ART!

  1. Oh, these look amazing! WOW. I definitely have to try and make my own. A little help please, the clay you used, the mix with the resin, it sticks to the canvas? You don’t need to glue it on? I presume you do need to glue the little mirror on, right?

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    1. Thanks for your compliment, it really means a lot to me..Ya, you should definitely try this out..Sorry I forgot to write this you have to stick the clay with glue and the mirrors too, otherwise it will not stick properly. I have corrected my post.. thanks for telling.πŸ™‚

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      1. I haven’t learn this art form from anywhere. I have searched different types of art forms on goggle and I suddenly found this art form..I have just read the essence of this art form and then I decided to make it, with my own idea.

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      2. Ya..I have done so many achieve master level. My first lippan art took me 2-3 days to make it because there are so many steps in this art form….And all you need is patience..

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      1. Wish you to visit my blog posts…
        Same will guide you to remain safe while driving on road. Sharing my posts with all your dear ones will also help them, the same wayπŸ™πŸŒΉπŸ’


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