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Hello everyone! Its been soo long time I haven’t made any painting by using my acrylic I decided to make a simple yet attractive painting using my acrylic colours..

Let’s start with our first step~

Step1 ~ Draw A rough sketch of a Flamingo using pencil.

Step2 ~ Start filling colours of your choice.

Step3 ~ Add some details to your painting.


Firstly you need a pencil for making a rough sketch.

Secondly you need a fine tip brush.

Round Brush no. 0 and Round brush no. 2

Thirdly you need acrylic colours.

Shades I have used.

~For making pink you have to mix red and white.

~ For making teal blue colour you have to mix Blue, green and white together.

~ Green and blue colour for making leaves

That’s all for today..


Published by Shristy Singh

I Just Love "Adding Creativity Through Brush" For Me Art Is Not Paint It Is Love...


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