White Pen Mandala~

Hey everyone, so again I am back with a White Pen Mandala Post.. this is my third mandala art with white gell pens. I wanted to make this mandala with a twist, so I decided to add some Colourful flowers to give a fresh and new look to my art piece..

Let’s start with our first step.

Step1~ you have to make mandala template gird with the help of a compass and pencil.

Step2~ then start making patterns with using white gell pen .

Step3~ then start making flowers in leftover space of the page, using different shades of colours..

Difficulty~ Medium

Paper Size: A4 ( 200 gsm)

Supplies ~ For making mandala template gird you need: compass and pencil.

~ secondly for making patterns you need : white gell pens.

~ thirdly for making flowers you need: different shades of pens ( I have used sakura gelly roll pens)

That’s all for today..

Published by Shristy Singh

I Just Love "Adding Creativity Through Brush" For Me Art Is Not Paint It Is Love...

100 thoughts on “White Pen Mandala~

    1. Thanks. You know everyone ones taste is different I personally like white gell pens so much because it looks so bright on dark coloured paper.. but I don’t know why you don’t like white gell pens..btw it’s your own choice..
      Thanks for visiting..

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